CNBC comedy: JP Morgan

Matt Taibbi (journalist) comments on CNBC video

This video is very entertaining. Normally, watching CNBC would be unbearable and I stopped watching it a long time ago. But in this segment, CNBC makes the mistake of allowing Alex Pareene on air to comment about JP Morgan. Alex writes for Salon and actually exercises independent, critical thinking – very hazardous in the business media. Read Alex's thoughts on the JPM fine.

The guy sitting beside Alex is Duff McDonald, a typical CNBC shill guest who is planted there to support JP Morgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon. He wrote a laughably pro-Dimon biography, either paid by Dimon or hoping to get paid.

As you watch this, with the brilliant commentary from leading journalist Matt Taibbi and comedian Sam Seder, keep in mind that the way CNBC tries to portray JP Morgan is very typical of how the mainstream media portrays large companies and institutionally-endorsed investments. Watch Maria Bartiromo struggle as her brain tries to process the criticism!

- Perpetual Bull,