Smash and Grab

Posting a friend's text from 9/6/2011... opinions expressed are not my own ;-)

The entire monetary system is a fraud now.

The biggest lies aren't hidden by conspiracy, they're hidden by incredulity. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, believes that the system is as corrupt as it is.

Even I don't believe how corrupt it is. We've had a bailout on something of the order of 10 trillion dollars, but we really don't know how much it was. The Fed won't tell us where the money went either. Henry “Hank” Paulson personally saved Goldman Sachs and sunk their competitors. Franklin Raines ran off with something like half a billion dollars. Angelo Mozilo and Dick Fuld weren't even really looked at for prosecution. The entire housing market is a complete shambles, nobody knows who owns what.

This isn't what it looks like when mistakes are made, this is what it looks like when everybody in a sector is just an outright criminal. Hell, your real estate agent is a criminal. Nothing is prosecuted. The assessor was a criminal, the bank acted criminally. For a few years, everybody was entirely on the take. These were LITTLE people, what do you think the big guys were up to? The society and law of the financial sector of our economy ended in 2003 or so. Non criminals were driven out of business.

The only function the government has, is to collect taxes – there is no real law any more unless it is something to do with violent crime or drugs. We're in anarchy now.

People are warning there is deflation ahead - well how can there be? Criminals run our financial system, will they get punished? Of course not, they aren't being punished now, they are being bailed out. They are massively in debt with huge HUGE leveraged trades. They run the system. They can crash it and profit from the crash any damned time they like. We've all seen the tape being painted haven't we? Phantom bids are very common, when does anybody get tracked down for THAT illegal activity?

JP Morgan may run out of gold and silver in their repositories and force COMEX to declare force majeure – who cares? Countrywide went belly up, but did Mozilo go with it? Lehman Brothers is dead, is Dick Fuld bankrupt? Franklin Raines ruined Fannie Mae, is he a pauper? The people running these corporations couldn't care less if the companies they run are ruined and they don't care a bit if the dollar is destroyed along with it.

Gentleman, this is a free-for-all smash and grab. Why do you think people are acting like this? They can act with complete impunity. The more money they lose, the more money they can get from the government. Heck, maybe the investment banks cooked their books to report a loss, that didn't exist? If they were smart, that's what they did. They have no compunctions or morals. They are in business to make money, in any way they can.

Look at who is on congress - think Barney Frank is going to step up to the plate? You think the SEC is about to prosecute anybody? Is COMEX going to regulate itself? What people don't seem to understand is this destruction, it's intentional, it's not an accident.

And what is the circus on television? Health Care Bill, is it constitutional? Will Perry or Bachmann be the tea party favorite (because you know they are BIG promoters of small government!!) Whether Obama has a US birth certificate or not. Is Gold in a bubble? Why of course it is!!! Next on... American Idol. Oh Ron Paul? He's CRAZY ignore him. We need to raise the debt limit or we'll go bankrupt! Moody's finally being investigated for their part in the housing bubble CDO fraud (not for downgrading US debt that obviously can never be paid off).

I don't know, maybe the system can self correct itself, but it's not made any moves in that direction in 6 years. There's nobody in any regulatory system to put an end to this. Fiat isn't based just on how much money is out there, it's also based on trust. That's something the deflationists don't understand. Who trusts the government today?