Banksters are threatening the public

The banksters (including those at the central banks who after all serve commercial banks) are trying to SCARE THE PUBLIC to guarantee maximum compliance with their desires and theft of public resources and looting of the public treasury.

Don't be fooled, this is all designed to make the public feel that they need to help the banksters. The key to getting their way: THREATENING JOE SIXPACK'S JOB.

Until 2008, where was all the negative news in finance? It was all goldilocks economy, not to hot not too cold it was all just right. But then suddenly everything is scary as hell. Why is that? None of these problems existed before September 2008?

You can't fool me ... sure we might all suffer a bit, but I know that in the long term it's the banksters and financial sector (the largest lobby group) jobs on the line, that is why there is so much "panic" in the media. I don't recall such whining while manufacturing plummeted and disappeared.

- Perpetual Bull