Why not bail out Americans directly?

The Treasury has created what like approximately $1.3 trillion new money in a couple months? That's over $4,000 for each person living in the USA.

That bailout money, if paid DIRECTLY to the citizens, would have been on the order of $10,000 cash for each American family. Would that not have helped them?? Why go through these banks when the money can be paid directly to the people?

But that would have been crazy I suppose. We as a nation have decided that “bailout” money must be paid to the banksters, where it can be skimmed, lost and stolen before it finally trickles down to the rest of society... if there is any money left. Additionally, all this money will be handed over to the same people who just robbed us all, with hardly any supervision or transparency.

Banksters make poor custodians of public wealth.

- Perpetual Bull

EDIT: More recently, in early 2009, American law enforcement agencies have started warning that bailout/TARP funds are vulnerable to fraud and theft because of the large amounts being thrown around with poor disclosure and transparency.