06 Oct 2018

Don't Buy and Hold Individual Stocks

The investment industry tells us that creating stock portfolios is easy. Just buy great stocks and hold them forever, they say... Read more

23 Mar 2018

Buying Bitcoin

In my last post, I forecasted that Bitcoin would decline into a target zone of $6,000 to $8,000. My plan was to... Read more

07 Feb 2018

Volatility Is Back

I think we understand what happened to the market on Feb 5. Though the VIX may return to normal, I'm guessing that volatility is back... Read more

06 Feb 2018

VIX Blowup Possibility

An extremely popular trade over the last few years has been the "short volatility" trade. As the S&P 500 has gone virtually straight up... Read more

01 Feb 2018

Bitcoin Heading Lower

I described earlier that Bitcoin could stabilize either at the 50- or 200-day moving average. Unlike the 2016 and 2017 price patterns... Read more

17 Jan 2018

Buying Bitcoin at the Trend Line

See my earlier post on joining the Bitcoin party to understand my intentions and approach. Bitcoin has now dropped to the 50 day moving average... Read more

21 Dec 2017

Joining the Bitcoin party

I've decided to join the Bitcoin Party, and thought I'd share my notes on how I'm reasoning about all of this... Read more

23 Aug 2016

My favourite Canadian bond ETFs

This is not a thorough analysis, but I think these ETFs provide the best risk/reward tradeoffs... Read more

30 Jan 2016

The Real Story Behind Early Retirement

Many of the baby boom generation have done quite well, and they're retiring now. As a result, you'll see boomers write articles and blogs... Read more

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